Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hi from the SCBWI Western Washington Spring Conference

I'll be posting content from my notes for those of you who couldn't make it to the conference, live way too far away (a hearty welcome to my readers in Peru, Spain, Sweden, Israel and India), or even those who were there but just plain missed some of the comments in the sessions today.

Today was only day one, and hoo boy, do I have a pile of great tips and tidbits from and about editors, agents and authors to share with you already!

First things first- congratulations to one of my critique group pals for a winning entry in the joke contest at the conference today- you go, Grumpy Old Man!! You make ASWAAGS proud!

It is going to take me a while to get all this conference information in readable shape, so in the meantime, here are examples of things to come:

-Updates on the literary agents already posted on this blog thus far (Stephen Malk, Michael Stearns, Kelly Sonnack, and Nathan Bransford).

-Notes on editors from the conference

-Great quotes from the presenters

Find out who said s/he really only likes picture books about dead animals, which of the editors used to work for one of the agents, who is young, hungry, and completely weird; who really wants graphic novels; and which venerable children's magazine is now accepting sci-fi in fiction submissions.

Stay tuned!

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