Thursday, May 6, 2010

Library = Borrow, Book Store = Buy

Confession time: I used to work for what was, at the time, one of the top three circulating library systems in the United States (I'm not a librarian - I belonged to the evil empire of administrative types), and it was not unusual for portions of the collection to disappear into various patrons' personal collections. To cope, sometimes we sent administrators with trucks to retrieve items from patrons who "forgot" to return (in one case) a few hundred books. Sometimes we took disciplinary action against employees who couldn't seem to find multiple things they had borrowed. And sometimes, we set up super short in-person on-site only viewings like for Madonna's book "Sex" so that everyone got time "read" the...reference a small conference room alone, without the book leaving the building. Ew.

But this just goes too far. A smaller library losing 20% of it's children's collection to theft is just plain wrong. I have nothing funny to say because I am so horrified. Details at the Seattle Times.