Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Young Adult Steampunk Fantasy- or Why the Network WORKS

Two lawyers walk into a bar...

and talk about their friends and families. One lawyer describes how her foolish but creative sister-in-law is writing YA fantasy novels, and the other mentions she has a friend whose first YA fantasy novel was just released. The second lawyer e-mails the info. on a book event to the first lawyer, who sends it to her sister-in-law. The sister-in-law is intrigued by the website already set-up to support the book, as it appeals to her fascination for all things steampunk. Even though she cannot make it to the signing, she will buy the book.

The Lesson: the networking thing works.

I haunt the YA shelves in bookstores, but if it weren't for two lawyers chatting, I would not have known about the steampunk fantasy, Eyes Like Stars http://theatre-illuminata.com/ the week it hit the shelves.

Your personal network is a powerful asset. Use it!

(Oh, and it wasn't a bar, and the lawyer is very supportive of her writer sister-in-law. : )