Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Snow is HOT!

For a few years, a little girl named Alice (or Alyss, or Alyce, depending on what you read or watch) dominated the revisionist fairytale trend in movies, books and TV.

Now, it's about to be all about the Snow. 

If you haven't heard already, there are THREE Snow White reimaginings coming soon in movie form  - Disney's The Order of the SevenSnow White and the Huntsman from Universal, and an as of yet untitled film from Relativity that includes Lily Collins and Julia Roberts in it's cast.

Add to that the trend of fairytales on major network TV in the form of  some new shows such as Grimm on NBC, and Once Upon a Time on ABC.  I'll be watching for sure.

But if you read kids and YA books, you already saw it coming, didn't you?  Re-done fairytales have ruled the kid market for a while now, and clearly the books had it first.  Fairytales are the subject of my favorite graphic novel series, eleven-Eisner-Award-winning The Fables by Bill Willingham (insert fan girl squeal here), where Snow is the deputy mayor of fairy tale characters living in modern times.  Once Upon a Time looks like it will hit a similar vein - different story, but Snow appears to be a central character. 

I'm also a fan of The Sisters Grimm middle grade series by Michael Buckley, featuring two Grimm sisters as descendants of the Grimm brothers who, it turns out in these stories, were fairytale detectives, and Snow is now a school teacher.  Grimm on ABC has a similar premise -- Grimms are fairytale detectives -- albeit a far more graphic adult version. 

And the forecast for the future? More Snow.  A recent sale mentioned in Publisher Weekly's Children's Bookshelf lists a new middle-grade series called Whatever After by author Sarah Mlynowski where siblings are tossed into fairytales to help characters find their happy endings, and guess who the first book focuses on?  Yup, Snow again.