Monday, May 11, 2009

And here's my card...

Summer conferences for writers are just around the corner. If you have not already, now is the time to ponder creating business cards to keep connected with the people you will meet.

Of course you still need cards even if you are not published! Will that potential critique group pal remember your contact info. if you scribble it on a napkin? What about that person from the first pages session (dream a little dream, here) who wanted to connect you with her agent? How about the guy at lunch who had taken every writing class locally and knew which teachers rock, and which are off their rockers?

You may not have a full brand identity yet (for the moment, mine is rather schizophrenic, and I'm wondering what therapy/medical help/exorcism might help me lock one identity into place), but you can at least start with some basic contact information to hand out to your new writing friends. Or, to your old writing friends who can never remember your blog address -you know who you are...(squint-eyed grin).

Here are some links to help you get started:

An editor's take on writer's business cards:

Business Cards designed for writing professionals at Vista Print:

100 Cards Free from Ooprint:

Go for it!

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  1. Here's the best advice I've heard about business cards so far: make them double-sided. That's right. Print something on the back. Anything. Yes, I was skeptical, too. Why? Think back to the last time you needed a handy little scrap of paper to jot a note on. Grabbed a business card, didn'tcha? You wrote a note and either filed it under the note subject or threw it away when you were done, and voila, no more business card!

    So put something on the back of that puppy so your card doesn't meet the same fate!