Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Book for Graphic Novelists

This book has pretty high reviews as of this date on Amazon-what makes it different from all the other "write a graphic novel" how-to books out there?

It's written by a female and it includes glowing reviews from Stan Lee (Chairmain, POW! Entertainment and Chairman Emeritus, Marvel Entertainment) and Paul Levitz (President and Publisher, DC Comics). One of those statements is irrelevent. You decide which one. Either way, it's worth a look, yes?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Red Sea Parted! Young Adult Sci-fi Is Selling! The Sky Is Falling! One of These Statements Is True...

Sometimes it pays to have a popular sibling. She's hot, she's cool, she catches everyone's eyes, and you may think that the only thing you have in common is your family link and association by hidden genetics, but she paved the way and now you get some love, too. How does it feel to be young adult sci-fi and on the cusp of being the next hot thing?

YA sci-fi has been a tough sell for many years now, but with middle grade and YA fantasy cutting a path through the kid lit world like a prom queen plowing through her crowd of admirers, the stage is set. She's a senior- she's done everything there is to do (Hi Harry Potter!) , inspiring oodles of other great fantasy works, some faint copies and even shallow derivatives, and it is time to graduate and move on. Cue the neglected little sister.

Have you noticed her? She's suddenly everywhere, new girlfriend to publishing BMOC's everywhere.

Recent examples:

Egmont USA picked up Ashes, book one in a dystopian trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick.
Razorbill signed a three book deal with novelist Beth Revis for Across the Universe.
Simon&Schuster Books For Young Readers grabbed The Last Chemical Garden by Lauren DeStefano.
Disney-Hyperion snagged a two book deal starting with a work titled Cybernetic by Laura Riken.

Even better? Three of these writers are debut. And a three of them are multi book deals. How cool is that?!

Nope, I'm not an insider with amazing knowledge-I just like to see what's selling, and for the first time in a long time, it seems to be a rash of YA sci-fi. Check out Publisher's Marketplace or Publisher's Weekly Children's Rights Report for further info on these books and to stay on top of future things.

A trend is happening- catch it if you have an ignored sci-fi hottie sitting in your files-dust her off, take off her glasses, maybe invite her to your critique group for a makeover montage and start looking for a date to the prom!