Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is This the Face of Jace? And of Any YA SCi-Fi or Fantasy Adapted for Screen in the Near Future?

Meet the new king of young adult sci-fi fantasy movies. If you read Cassandra Clare's YA Mortal Instruments series, be prepared to see it on screen, with Alex Pettyfer as the hot headed male lead character Jace as announced here on Rowr! Physically, at least, he totally fits that role.

And he's nabbed the male leads in not just this urban fantasy, but in the movie adaptation of I am Number Four, a YA sci-fi novel, and Now, another sci-fi movie (no book) with youthful characters. Oh, and rumored to be attached to The Last Apprentice, an upper middle grade fantasy book.

All this after playing the lead in Beastly, a modern YA re-tell of Beauty and the Beast (out in early March), and did I mention he was offered the lead role in Eragon, yet another fantasy movie based on a kid book?

I see a pattern. Robert Pattinson move over.

And hey, what's with the British guys in sci-fi fantasy movies?

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