Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Comical Birthday: Boobs, Books, Boots and Bacon

Nothing says "I'm aging, but only in physical years" like going to the Emerald City Comic Con on your birthday. This latest b-day is not a major milestone birthday or anything like that-no, when I finally turn 30 (heh), I'll do something that shows I'm REALLY in denial. Like going to a Hannah Montana concert.

Until then, this serves as a nice mini denial, with plenty of the "it's work-related" excuse. I've always thought it might be interesting, and now that I'm eyeball deep in graphic novels, I figured I could keep up with any rabid fanboys. Really, though, there is nothing like it, and it was, dare I say it? FUN. LOHAL and QOE enjoyed themselves, especially when QOE traded her royal crown for a Wonder Woman crown from the DC Comicts schwag booth, and got her favorite kiddie graphic novel, JOHNNY BOO doodled and signed especially for her by the author, James Kochalka.

A brush with greatness and I did not even realize it. As it turns out, Kochalka is a seriously multi-talented guy, walking the divide between musical (he recorded one of my favorite kid songs found the Greasy Kids Stuff album that also served as the theme song for the FOX sitcom The Loop, not to mention his music videos being shown on Nickelodeon's animation showcase series KaBlam! ) and artistic genius, and the enviable position of straddling the worlds of both indie comics (Top Shelf Productions) and major publishers (Random House). I probably never would have had the guts to even approach the Top Shelf booth where he was sitting if I'd known this. I shudder now, thinking of how I told him his JOHNNY BOO work was a great gateway drug for kids to enter the world of comics and graphic novels. Let's depart from any further mortification at my complete newbie ways, and move on to...

Boobs and boots! Bacon! One of the best things about visiting a comic-con is the costumes. And this one did not disappoint. Besides the whole slew of Star Wars folks, including two Chewbaccas, and lots of storm troopers, there were ninjas, a Ghostbuster, the Comedian, and my personal favorites- Princess Leia and Jedi girl! These ladies have serious confidence. We even saw a piece of bacon, advertising Bacon salt. Mmm-mm! Porky goodness! And steampunks!
Best...comic-con...EVER! (Pop culture extra credit to anyone who can guess what cartoon I borrowed this mangled line from)

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